Top 10 Celebrity Styles For 2008-2009

Every year we attending to celebrities for appearance afflatus and new styles. Searching aback over this year we can say that 2008 did not disappoint. Although some celebrities veered a little too far larboard of what is fashionably adequate abounding others hit the bulls-eye. Even if you didn’t accomplish to any of the afterward trends, you can’t abjure that they fabricated statements in 2008. We accept torn them down in adjustment from 1 – 10 and let you apperceive who endemic that specific celebrity style.

Fashion Trend # 1: The Two-finger ring. This is one of the coolest adornment trends we’ve apparent in awhile. It has been spotted on acclaimed celebrities such as Rihanna and Lauren Conrad from ”The Hills”.

Fashion Trend # 2: Baggy ”Boy” Jeans. This was a hit-and-miss look. It absolutely depended on the physique blazon of the being antic the look. We anticipate the new Baggy Boy Jeans should accept a afflicted and apart look, but should aswell be cut to appearance off a woman’s curves. This celebrity appearance was rocked by Reese Witherspoon and Katie Holmes.

Fashion Trend # 3: Nail Designs. Abounding celebrities absitively to abrasion crazy colors on their nails this year. Those celebrities cover Beyonce, Eve and Rihanna.

Fashion Trend # 4: Sky-Scraper High Heels. Every year high-heels get college and added alarming looking. If you don’t accept us just yield a attending at Victoria Beckham and Madonna.

Fashion Trend # 5: Pointless Accessories. Anything and aggregate was up for grabs to be an accent in 2008. Just yield a attending at Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Fashion Trend # 6: Obama T-Shirts. For the aboriginal time we can bethink political T’s were accessible and beat by the accepted public. Analysis them out on Halle Berry, Beyonce and P Diddy Combs.

Fashion Trend # 7: Nerdy Glasses. Geek-chic is a abiding thing, if beat right. But be accurate because dark, blubbery artificial frames aren’t a attending anybody can cull off. If you wish to see them beat appropriate analysis out the celebrity appearance of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Common.

Fashion Trend # 8: Bangs. This attending aswell doesn’t plan for everyone, but if it does, watch out! Analysis out the bangs on Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera…HOT!

Fashion Trend # 9: Covering Jackets. This attending was taken beeline from the 80’s, but formed abundant in 2008. Some celebrities agitation covering jackets were Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna.

Fashion Trend # 10: Hippie Headband. Very few humans can in fact cull this attending off. Personally, I’m not of fan of it on anybody. Some ladies antic the hippie chaplet this year were Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton.

As you can acquaint there were abounding new celebrity styles this year, forth with some re-tread styles. Every year we are afraid at what humans accompany aback out of the closet and add to their wardrobe. No amount how abundant we may action it, the looks consistently assume as alluring and hot as they did before. We can’t delay to see what celebrity styles these humans cull out next year. I assumption we’ll just accept to delay and see!